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Curly Whiskers Rattery
Zoey of SHR & BFF Marty CWR
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Marty and Zoey Blessed us with 17 HUGE babies on November 4th. Being that this is her first litter and she wasn't nearly as huge as I thought she would need to be to be having more then 8 babies.....She SHOCKED us ALL!! We however sadly lost 2 babies in the first day, however the remaining 15 are doing wonderful! At 1 week old I put 4 babies in with CWR Taylor & BFF Marty's Litter that is just a few days younger. They were just not getting enough milk with that large of a litter. They are now doing So well!
This is a Joint breeding between Myself, Krislyn of Remis Rattery and Melissa of Shortcake Rattery.
Marty is a Black Hooded Down Under with Standard Ears and Fur Buck. He is a perfect little boy, well not so little. This is the first litter Marty has sired here at CWR, He came to us from Brandon of tBBR to help continue the tailess lines I had been working with. I am very thankful to Brandon for allowing me the pleasure of this darling boys company everyday!
Zoey is a adorable Beige Berkshire Standard Ear and coat girl. She has joined us here at CWR to honeymoon with Marty. Zoey has been a perfect angel while she has been here, I'm going to miss her very much when she go's back home to her mom Melissa of Shortcake Rattery.
This Litter is all Standard Ear, All Standard Coats. Some will be Down Under, we should know soon! I am not 100% sure what color everyone is but as soon as I know I will update this page.
*All babies have been named after Disney Characters*

We are now 10 days old!!

**Zoey babies that Taylor is caring for**

Zoey's babies that Taylor is caring for!

The Princesses

#1 CWR/SHR Ariel 
 Hooded (Mismarked)
Home with Kirstin & family

#2 CWR/SHR Pocahontas 
 Capped with back spots
**Reserved Krislyn (RMIS)**

#3 CWR/SHR Finona
Hooded Down Under
Home with Krislyn (RMIS)

#4 CWR/SHR Bell 
 Hooded Down Under
Home with Kirstin & Family

#5 CWR/SHR Snow White
*She Now Lives with Taylor*
Capped with back spots
Down Under

#6 CWR/SHR Jasmine
*Lives with Taylor*
Berkshire Down Under
Home with Beverly and Hannah

Possibly Available
#7 CWR/SHR Mulan 
 Berkshire Down Under

The Buck Folk

#8 CWR/SHR Abu
Home with Sadie and Family

#9 CWR/SHR Chip
Split Cap Down Under

#10 CWR/SHR Gaston 
 Hooded with a head spot Down Under

#11 CWR/SHR Iago 
 Split Cap Down Under
*lives with taylor*

#12 CWR/SHR Mike
Hooded Down Under
Home with Krislyn (RMIS)

#13 CWR/SHR Sulley
Berkshire Down Under
Home with Sadie and Family

#14 CWR/SHR Triton
Berkshire Down Under
**Reserved Krislyn (REMIS)**

#15 CWR/SHR Sabastian 
 Berkshire Down Under