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Curly Whiskers Rattery
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Dot, Atta, Tuck. Roll

Taylor and Marty are the happy parents of 4 babies, born on November 7th. Though many people wish there were more in this litter, I am more then Thrilled with these babies! They are perfect! Because Taylor only had 4 babies, she was able to take in 4 of Zoey's babies. It has been a great help to Zoey! For More Information on The 4 of Zoey's babies please go to her page (Zoey and Marty's Litter).
Taylor is a Black Possum Face with a split , With standard ears and fur. She was born here at CWR, out of a litter of babies that like her babies were a absolute joy. She is from a line that is very important to me, and one I hope to continue as long as Im breeding!
Marty is a Black Hooded Down Under with Standard Ears and Fur Buck. He is a perfect little boy, well not so little. This is the first litter Marty has sired here at CWR, He came to us from Brandon of tBBR to help continue the tailess lines I had been working with. I am very thankful to Brandon for allowing me the pleasure of this darling boys company everyday!
These babies are named after the characters in Bug's LIfe

Roll,Tuck,Atta,Dot,Mike,Iago,Jasmine,Snow White

Taylor Babies

Bareback  with spots
Home with Beverly and Hannah

CWR Atta
Bareback with Spots and Head Spot

CWR Tuck
Bareback with head spot
and split Down Under

CWR Roll
Baldie Down Under
Home with Krislyn (RMIS)

Zoey's Babies

CWR/SHR Mike (#12)
Hooded Down Under
Home with Krislyn (RMIS)

Split Capped Down Under

CWR/SHR Jasmine
Berkshire Down Under *Maybe*
Home with Beverly and Hannah

CWR/SHR Snow White
Hooded Down Under with Head spot

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