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Curly Whiskers Rattery
CWR Bart Blue
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Type: Blue Satin Self Dumbo
DOB: 11/25/01
Litters Sired: 9/02 & 9/16/02
***Bart Passed away in Jan of 03 after a battle to clear up a eye infection. He had a stroke while in surgry and never came out of it. He is greatly missed but is now up in the big cage in the sky with his wonderful bud Little Bit***
Bart is a perfect big guy! He is always ready for a cuddle. He much like his dad is a very handsome blue buck. He is always found hanging with Bit, Monty and Savio. Bart has shown very well in the past RatsPacNW shows here in the Pacific North West. He won Best of Kitten his very first show, He has sense won Best of Satin and Best of Dumbo. Bart is the Sire of ROUS Zane & ROUS Blizzi. I am very happy to have Bart living here with us all.

CWR Bart Blue
Blue Satin Self Dumbo