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Curly Whiskers Rattery
ROUS Maddi & SPR Ben Litter DOB 7-4-03
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Maddi and Ben's litter was an accidental breeding that happened at their previous owners home.
However just because it was accidental doesn't mean its not wonderful :) There is great things expected from this litter in personality alone.

All Silver Black
All Dumbo

The Maddi Story
Maddi and two of her siblings left ROUS as pets only however we all know accidents can and do happen. Maddi and her sister Shiraz both ended up exploring out of their cage in their new home, and each have
quite a few bundles of joy to show for their adventures. Their previous owner as well as Lynn @ ROUS felt that it was best for Lynn to take Maddi and her brother back to rehome. Lynn asked me if I was interested in another Beefy Jr.
(ROUS Merlot is Maddi's Brother)
Beefy was one of my favorite rats to be born here so
I of course told Lynn yes in a heart beat.  I was then told of what was happening with Maddi and that there was a chance that she would grace us with wonderful little ones. I thought about this but it didn't make a difference to me. I really felt that Maddi was destined to come here.