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Curly Whiskers Rattery
SaS Mosca & CWR RVD
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Mosca and RVD became proud parents to 9 babies on October 15th, They sadly lost 2. The remaining 7 are doing wonderful!
Mosca is a beautiful Mink Berkshire Dumbo, Daughter of sweet Poppy! She came to me as a adult from Michelle at Sugar and Spice Exotics, but that didnt matter she is fitting in here perfect!
RVD is my sweetie, he is for sure a "momma's Boy" He loves to be cuddled and held. He helps me everynight feed the rest of "his" rats. He thinks he is king of everything, but not in a aggresive manner. I adore RVD's prior litters and I am very happy with how well they have done, This will be the same Im sure.
If your interested in this litter please let me know ASAP because the wait list is filling fast!
Pet Only: $18
Breeder Contract: Contact for more info