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SaS Amoree & CWR RVD
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Amoree and RVD became parents on October 15th to 8 perfect darlings. They are all doing great so far!
Amoree is a darling girl. She has a wonderful temperment and outstanding Merling to go along. She is a great mother, really is very attentive to her babies. She comes to me also from Michelle at Sugar and Spice Exotics, in California.
RVD is a Mink Merle Dumbo Self Buck. He is a very wonderful buck, Total ham! He is a momma's boy for sure. I know we shouldnt play favorites but he is my darling boy, and knows he is the king of "his" house. He helps feed everyone else every night, He will sulk if he doesnt get to help.
If your interested in this litter send an email to be added to the list!
Pet Only $18
Breeding Contract : Contact for more info