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Carly and Coney became parents on January 18th. This was a long awaited litter as we have been so thrilled with Carly as well as Coney!
Carly comes to us from Bonnie Walters in California. She is a wonderful doe, very sweet! She is what Bonnie Called a Silver Chocolate hooded. I love this color! Its wonderful! I cant say enough about Carly, she has a great temperament as well as body Shape! She has Big lovely eyes that are typical from Bonnie!
Coney is a very sweet Blue agouti Velveteen Tailess buck. He has been with us sense August and fits in so well! We are very happy to have him here. Coney was born at Lil Rugrats rattery in California but came to us from Angel Paws when him and his "brothers" were looking for a forever home.
This Litter will be homed as ***PET ONLY*** This however is not because of a health issue, but because Carly's breeder doesn't keep pedigree's we want to watch the line very carefully before we allow them to be bred!
$16 Pet Only!!