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Curly Whiskers Rattery
WWR Little Bit
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Type: Standard Ear Satin Agouti
DOB: 11/01
Litters: 3/02
****Little Bit has left us for the Rainbow Bridge however he will forever remain on this page, he will be greatly missed..He will live on in our memory's forever!****
Little Bit is from Whispering Wise Rattery, he is from her Rag doll line. He is my awesome boy, he loves to cuddle and is so licky. He has been undefeated in our rat club (when he was shown) for the most laid back. He show's well, He has won Best of Satin on more then one ocation. He is also the wonderful sire of Nikky. He will lay on his back cradled in my arms bruxxing himself to sleep.

WWR Little Bit
Standard Ear Satin Agouti