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DOB: October 31

This is the first real joint litter between CWR and WWR (My sister rattery). We are very excited about this litter. Euliai is a very sweet doe, she is from Ayri's Rag doll line and lives up to the name for sure. She is a wonderful mom, couldn't ask for more from her. She is a fawn self standard ear doe (Dumbo carrier). Oz is the first DownUnder rat here in Idaho. He is more then we could have expected. Very rowdy but loves to be around people. He is a very touchy buck, loves to smell your ear, nose, mouth etc. He is very interested in everything. Ozzie is an Agouti hooded downunder and I couldn't be happier to have him here.

We won't know for another week or two if we have downunders in the litter but either way we are so happy with this litter. They are so sweet and darling already.