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Come and join in all the fun. We welcome people and rats to participate (as long as your rats are preregistered) or just come and check us out!

Scheduled Events

9:00-10:00 AM- Health Check
11:00 AM- Pet Class- Cutest Kitten!
12:00 AM- Pet Class- Laid Back Rat & Kissiest Rat
1:00 PM- Pet Class- Costume Contest
2:00 PM- Pet Class- Squishiest Rat
3:00 PM- Pet Class- Best Matched Pair
4:00 PM- Pet Class- Senior Pet & Disabled Companion
5:00 PM- Pet Class- Longest Tail
After the Cutest Kitten Class, regular confirmation classes will proceed, beginning with Kittens 8-14 weeks old, then continue beginning with Dumbos (Marked/Solid), then Standard-ear (Marked/Solid), Rex/Velveteen, Double Rex/Velveteen, Harley, Hairless, Tailless, Dwarves.  Judging will pause briefly each hour for the pet classes.
*Rat Care Information*
Rats make great pets!
*Rat Varieties Display*
So many to choose from so little time
There is so many classes and even pet classes.
A place for every rat!
*Rats for Sale*
A wide variety to choose from.
Bring one home with you!
And Much, Much More