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Rat-A-Rama 2004 Results

We had a great Show! Everyone worked together and we pulled everything together.
I want to Thank Everyone that helped out!!

Best In Show Marked
CWR Ron Stopable
Silver Black Dumbo Possum Face
Owner: Heather
Breeder: CWR

Reserve Of Show Marked
CWR Noonzo
Hooded Hairless
Owner/Breeder CWR


Standard Ear Marked: Best in Variety
WWR Tad - American Irish  97% Best in Section
Owner/Breeder Ayri WWR
Dumbo Marked (Possum Face): Best of Section/Variety
CWR Ron Possible - Silver Black Possum Face Dumbo 97%
Owner Heather CWR2/Breeder Michelle CWR
Dumbo Marked (Not Possum): Best of Section
CWR2 Batalina - Russian Blue Berkshire Dumbo 95%
Owner/Breeder Heather CWR2
SaS Amoree - Cin pearl Merle 95%
Owner CWR/Breeder Michelle SaS
Odd Eye
Norbert of ROUS - Odd Eye Beige 91%
Owner Lynn ROUS
LRR Coney - Blue Agouti Velveteen Manx - 95%

SaS Dalstra - Chocolate Stripe Dumbo 95%
Owner Heather CWR2/ Breeder Michelle SaS

Best In Show Kitten
CWR Triniti
Lilac Velveteen Dumbo
Grand Champion Title with a 99%
Owner/Breeder CWR

Reserve of Show Kitten
CWR Flora
Champion Title with a 98%
Lilac Baldie Velveteen Dumbo
Owner ROUS/Breeder CWR

Pet Class
Biggest: CWR RVD Breeder/Owner CWR
Laid Back: LSRC Trotsky Owner ROUS/Breeder LSRC
Kissiest: Norbert of ROUS....Owner ROUS
Buck: LSRC Trotsky Owner ROUS/Breeder LSRC
Doe: CWR Bacardi Owner CWR2/Breeder CWR
Best Matched Pair
CWR Berta: Owner Lizzy/Breeder CWR
CWR Lilly: Owner/Breeder CWR
CWR Foley: Hawaiian Outfit made by Heather CWR2
Most Unusual
SaS Dalstra: Chocolate Back stripe
Owner Heather CWR2/Breeder Michelle SaS

Best In Show Self
CWR Karma
Pearl Self Dumbo
Owner/Breeder CWR

Reserve of Show Self
ROUS Catherine
 Champion Title 98%
Platinum Standard Self
Owner Lizzy / Breeder ROUS

Standard Ear: Best in Variety
ROUS Catherine - Platnium Self  98%
Owner Lizzy/Breeder ROUS
Dumbo Ear: Best of Variety
CWR Karma - Pearl Dumbo Self  96%
Owner/Breeder Michelle CWR
Velveteen/Rex: Best in Variety
SaS Malenko - Mink Irish Velveteen Dumbo 94%
Owner Michelle CWR/Breeder Michelle SaS
Down Under: Best in Variety
CWR/WWR DU Fawn - Hooded Fawn Down Under 94%
Owner Ayri WWR/ Breeder CWR/WWR
CWR Noozno - Hooded Agouti Hairless 96%
Owner/Breeder Michelle CWR
Double Rex
SaS Ecco - Agouti Irish Double rex Dumbo 95%
Owner Michelle CWR/Breeder Michelle SaS